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Office Manager Job Description:

The Office Manager is a part-time, 14 hour per week position with both weekly and long-term/occasional responsibilities. Despite limited hours, the Office Manager is a core part of the staff team and is expected to be able to work closely with all other staff members, and be the face of the office to the community.

Weekly responsibilities:

-Write and format the weekly bulletin, including input from various ministries.

-Oversee office volunteers who assist in the printing, proofing, and folding of the bulletin.

-Be the first in the office to take and respond to everyday calls.

-Update the website with the bulletin, pictures from events, and special front-page announcements.

-Maintain the community calendar online and on the bulletin.

-Coordinate and manage the community schedule, including reserving rooms for events.

-Record & schedule Mass intentions.

-Keep list of those needing prayers and contact families to support them.

-Maintain Copier & supplies – (repairs, toner, paper…).

-Keep membership software updated and accurate.

-Get mail from community mailbox daily.

-Assist ministries as needed and be able to work with a variety of personalities well.

-Miscellaneous tasks.

Long-term or Occasional responsibilities:

-Be a presence that helps everyone to feel welcomed and valued when they come to the office, including birthday celebrations for regular volunteers.

-Prepare Holy Week, reconciliation service, and funeral programs by collaborating with priest and music director.

-Create ministry schedules for all the roles at our weekly Masses.

-Prepare/update directory of ministries for Discipleship Sunday

-Track and celebrate volunteers’ birthdays & plan annual appreciation Lunch.

-Order and maintain inventory of office supplies.

-Write and send all-call announcements for special events.

-Prepare and send Donation Recognition letters for tax purposes.

-Maintain records for Sacraments, membership, and meeting minutes.

-Prepare sacramental certificates for Baptism, 1st Eucharist, Confirmation, and Weddings.

-Maintain physical organization of the office (with assistance from other staff).

-Set out reminder signs for special collections.

Employees of St. Leonard Faith Community will have knowledge of the Catholic faith, a willingness to work for a Catholic, faith-based agency and adhere to the policies of St. Leonard Faith Community. Employees will not publicly oppose the teachings of the Catholic faith nor publicly advocate for any position in conflict with Catholic teaching, or the specific positions of the Archdiocese of Cincinnati or the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops. This requirement includes any public speech, demonstration or writing including the use of social media or other digital technologies.

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