Welcome to St. Leonard Faith Community!

The following information is offered to assist you in determining if you would like to be a registered member of our community. The Faith community formed when the Franciscan Friars established their seminary on this site and invited the laity to celebrate the liturgy with them (1970s). The community remained intact when the property was sold by the Friars and developed as a senior living community. The faith community and senior living community continue to operate as separate but cooperative entities, sharing the use of the chapel and other campus facilities. While the community is not defined as a parish by the Archdiocese, it is recognized as part of the Archdiocese of Cincinnati. We remain accountable to the Archdiocese and offer the full range of sacramental services that are available in parishes – our Sunday Liturgy/Mass at 10:30am.

Father Larry Mick is our part time moderator/chaplain. He is assisted by the Pastoral Administrator, Religious Education Director & Youth Minister (Donna Leddy), Director of Music, and Office Manager (Tracie Laughlin).

We rely heavily on the involvement of our members in the ministries that are identified on the enclosed ministry chart. Most of our members are involved in at least one ministry and many are involved in several. Our out-reach ministry is supported by the 10% tithing from our Sunday collections. While our ushers do not pass a collection basket, there is a basket available at the inner doors of the Chapel for offerings.

If you would like more information to assist in your decision to join us, feel free to call the office at 937-435-3626 or by email: SLFC.pa01@gmail.com to discuss your questions and we will be delighted to talk to you. Once you are registered, a member of the community will contact you with some more information and invitations to future social activities. We look forward to getting to know you!

God’s blessings!


Noah Makubuya

Pastoral Administrator

To become a member, please click here for the New Member Registration Form. Fill it out and email it to Noah at slfc.pa01@gmail.com.