Welcome to St. Leonard’s Faith Community Religious Education!  We believe that your home is where your children primarily learn and live the faith.  We are honored to journey with you and help you to raise children who are faith-filled and committed to a life in Christ! Registration is online at http://stleonardfaithcommunity.org/religious-education-registration. Information is also available in the Faith Community office and the Chapel vestibule.

  • Our programs are Christ-centered and are designed to enliven the personal faith of all household members.
  • We are faithful to the teachings of the Roman Catholic Church.
  • Our programs respect the reality and diversity of family life and nurture household prayer, conversation and action.
  • We are mission oriented, encouraging a lived response to the faith message through the celebration of the sacraments, community life, and service to others.
  • We offer multi-age classroom instruction, opportunities for service, and intergenerational activities!  We encourage leadership roles in our older students and provide faith formation opportunities for parents!
  • Pflaum Gospel Weeklies engage our children in Scripture, making the words of Jesus come alive in their studies and their everyday life.


Director of Religious Education St. Leonard Faith Community 8100 Clyo Road Centerville, OH 45458 (937) 435-3626 slfc.dre@gmail.com

“Lord God, we thank you for the gift of family. We acknowledge that our image and name as family come from You. We believe that within our family lies a home-made holiness. We affirm that it is in this household of faith that we experience Your presence, Your forgiveness, and your love.”

~ National Association of Catholic Family Life Ministers