PREP will be beginning before you know it! The first date is Sunday, September 11th, when we will have a Prayer service to begin the year and a chance to meet the teachers and ask questions about the program. Registration is online and is available in the Faith Community office and the Chapel vestibule. High School will be offered chances throughout the year for mini-courses. These programs will be 4-6 weeks long and will reinforce youth’s relationship with God, the first will be a video series on the Mass called Altaration. More information will be available soon.

  • We offer multi-age classroom instruction, opportunities for service, and intergenerational activities! We encourage leadership roles in our older students and provide faith formation opportunities for parents!
  • Pflaum Gospel Weeklies engage our children in Scripture, making the words of Jesus come alive in their studies and their everyday life.
  • Our flexible “homeschool” option allows us to help you meet your obligations both in your faith life and in the other demands you must meet each week.