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Mass Time at St. Leonard Faith Community

Sunday: 10:30 AM
*Please contact the community office for special Mass times @ 937-435-3626.
All Masses are open to everyone.

Reconciliation available by appointment. 
Call the community office @ 937-435-3626.
Office hours: 9:00-3:00, Monday-Friday
St. Leonard Faith Community
Located on the grounds of St. Leonard Senior Community
8100 Clyo Road
United States
Phone: 937-435-3626
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11/11/18 Homily: Guest Homily from Fr. James Huvane - Mission Stories


11/4/18 Homily: Struggling to be a Saint



11/1/18 Homily: A portrait of our Master


10/28/18 Homily: How are we blind?


10/21/18 Homily: The Path to Greatness is Becoming a Servant



10/14/18 Homily: God Keeps Calling to Us


10/7/18 Homily: That's One!


9/30/18 Homily: The Spirit is our Lodestar



9/23/18 Homily: The Honesty of Children


9/16/18 Homily: Guest Homily from Fr. Haemmerle


9/9/18 Homily: Guest Homily from Fr. Keferl




9/2/18 Homily: We should not worship our emotions


8/26/18 Homily:  Reflections on the Sexual Abuse Crisis


8/19/18 Homily: Jesus, I want to be you!


8/12/18 Homily: Elijah's prayer for death


8/5/18 Homily: The Chosen People give thanks!


7/29/18 Homily: We Have to Keep Growing!


7/22/18 Homily: We are Shepherds for our Neighbor


7/15/18 Homily: God sends us the hard word of Prophets out of love



7/8/18 Homily: The Challenge of Being a Prophet


7/1/18 Homily: Are we willing to become a little poorer?



6/17/18 Homily: Unpredictable Seeds of Love


6/10/18 Homily: Champions of Truth


6/3//18 Homily: Christ's Blood Makes Us All Family


5/27/18 Homily: Everything is Connected in the Trinity


5/20/18 Homily: The Spirit of Fire Ignites Love in Us


5/13/18 Homily: Pray for an Openness to the Spirit


4/29/18 Homily: Church: a Permanently Intertwined Mesh of Fruitfulness


4/22/18 Homily: Part of the Community!


4/15/18 Homily: Move beyond our current mindset


4/8/18 Homily: Forgiveness is the Path to Peace




3/30/18 Homily: Good Friday


3/29/18 Homily: Holy Thursday


3/25/18 Homily: God is with us when we suffer


3/18/18 Homily: Covenant with a God of Mercy


3/11/18 Homily: God's Love is always the last word


3/4/18 Homily: The commandments teach us to love truthfully


2/25/18 Homily: Abraham's Covenant Love


2/14/18 Homily: Two moments that Matter


2/11/18 Homily: Jesus refused to let customs prevent him from loving


2/4/17 Homily: Called to Serve


1/28/17 Homily: Voices in the Service of Truth


1/21/2017 Homily:The heart of God is greater than the egos of those God calls


1/14/18 Homily: We are all called


1/7/18 Homily: We need to be led by the star that is Christ


12/31/17 Homily: The Messiah is among us!


12/24/17 Homily: The Message of Christmas


12/23/17 Homily: Where does God live?


12/17/17 Homily: Persistent Joy


12/8/17 Homily: Blessed is the fruit of your life!


12/3/17 Homilly: Stay Awake to the Presence of God


11/26/17 Homily: The Incarnation is the Center of our Faith


11/12/17 Homily: Guest Homily from Fr. Ben: Stay Awake!


11/5/2017 Homily: We are one Family


10/29/2017 Homily: Christianity in one sentence


10/22/2017 Homily: God deserves our blank check


10/15/2017 Homily: How does God Celebrate?


10/8/2017 Homily: Violence is not a part of the Gospel


10/1/2017 Homily: Holiness is the choice to love particular people


9/17/2017 Homily: Guest homily from Fr. Jerry


9/10/2017 Homily: Guest Talk from Fr. Benjamin


9/3/2017 Homily:


8/27/2017 Homily: How can it be that this God-chosen Rock could be so fickle?


8/20/17/ Homily:


8/13/17 Homily: 


8/6/17 Homily:


7/30/17 Homily:


7/23/17 Homily:


7/16/17 Homily:


7/9/17 Homily: 


7/2/17 Homily:


6/25/17 Homily: Prophetic Love Reminds us of the Big Picture

6/18/17 Homily: Symbols of Eucharist

6/11/17 Homily: Trinity: Our God is a Community

6/4/17 Homily: Letting the Holy Spirit have Her way with us

5/28/17 Homily: Eucharist and Practicing Thanksgiving

5/21/17 Homily: The Power of Vulnerability


5/14/17 Homily: We are a Priestly People


5/7/17 Homily: Guest Homily - Mary the Shepherdess


4/30/17 Homily: 


4/23/17 Homily: See how they Forgive one another!


Easter Homily:


4/14/17 Homily:


4/1317 Homily: 


4/9/17 Homily: Passion and Patients


4/2/17 Homily: Death gestates into Life


3/26/17 Homily: Resurrection 


3/19/17 Homily: The message of the Woman at the well


3/12/17 Homily: We are the Disciple Jesus Loved


3/5/17 Homily: Grace abounds more than sin


3/1/17 Homily:


2/26/17 Homily:


2/12/17 Homily: Evolving from Selfishness to Love


2/5/2017 Homily: We will be judged by how we treat the poor


1/29/17 Homily: History from the bottom up


1/22/17 Homily: Transparent to God's light


1/15/17 Homily: Who are you?


1/8/2017 Homily: Guest Homily from Fr. Jerry: Our Human Family


1/1/17 Homily: Peace and Non-Violence


12/18/16 Homily: God With Us


12/11/16 Homily:


12/4/16 Homily:


11/27/16 Homily: 


11/20/16 Homily:


11/13/16 Homily:


11/6/2016 Homily:


10/30/16 Homily:


10/23/16 Homily:


10/16/16 Homily:

40th Anniversary Celebration homily from Fr. Tom Richstatter 


 10/9/16 Homily:

Light Green up Front...



10/2/16 Homily:

What is Faith? 


9/25/16 Homily:

Guest Talk from Sister Mary Fisher


9/11/16 Homily:

Have we learned to forgive quickly and often?


9/4/16 Homily:

Will we follow Jesus only when the Gospel agrees with us?


8/28/2016 Homily:




8/21/16 Homily:

Human Life is Shared Life



8/7/16 Homily:

Guest Homily from Fr. Ken Baker


7/31/16 Homily:

God wants us to be happy, but possessions do not make us happy.


7-24-16 Homily:

Boldness in Prayer



 7-17-16 Homily:

O Lord, I have left my door open...


7-3-16 Homily:

The Kingdom of God is our true home


6-19-16 Homily:

Our true identity is Christ himself


6-12-2016 Homily:

Sin is an addication that keeps us from Joy


6-5-2016 Homily:



5-27-2016 Homily:

Back to Basics: Eucharist!


5-22-2016 Homily:

Reality is relational like the Trinity


5-15-16 Homily:

The Birthday of the Church


5-8-16 Homily:

Where did Jesus go when He ascended?


5-1-16 Homily:

The peace of the Spirit


4-24-16 Homily:


4-17-16 Homily:

Baptism: a lifelong call to live the Gospel



4-10-16 Homily:

Do you love me!  Do you love me?


4-3-16 Homily:

Doubt: Part of an active life of faith


Easter Homily:


Good Friday Homily:


3-20-16 Homily:

Endure in proclaiming God's Mercy


3-13-16 Homily:

Our God is a God of Life


3-6-2016 Homily:

Seeing the Mysterious


2-28-2016 Homily:

We thirst for God's love



2-21-2016 Homily:

 "There is no way of telling everyone that they are shining like the sun!"


2-14-2016 Homily:

Why the Desert?


Ash Wednesday Homily 2016:

Happy Lent!


2-7-2016 Homily:

Some people think they aren't good enough to lead people to God... so did Simon Peter


 1-31-2016 Homily:

 Prophets speak up with Mercy for God's way


1-24-2016 Homily:

No part of our lives is exempt from the Gospel


1-17-2016 Homily:

God is in everything, including us


12-27-2015 Homily:

God's Children


 Christmas Eve Homily