Matrimony is celebrated with registered, active members of St. Leonard Faith Community. A formation program is required. Contact the Faith Community Office at least six (6) months before the anticipated wedding date. The Chapel will not be reserved until after your initial meeting with the Faith Community Office. The USCCB has a fantastic website for marriage! The website is for those engaged to be married and those who are already married. It addresses general questions about what makes a marriage Catholic as well as daily tips and helpful articles written by both professionals and everyday people from across the country. Visit their website by clicking here.

Holy Orders

God still today calls men to follow Jesus in a special way as a priest or deacon. The man must first hear God’s call and then answer that call affirmatively. Hearing God’s call requires regular personal prayer and quiet time for reflection. Ultimately, the man will face the question: Can I truly be happy setting aside my plans for life and doing what God asks of me? The answer of course is yes, but this will require the man to come to know and love the heart of Jesus. This is what will help him to be able to say “yes” to God and live a life of joy and holiness. For more information on the priesthood, please click HERE. This is also true for men and women considering becoming a religious brother or sister. These too are callings from God but are not, strictly speaking, sacraments of Holy Orders. Please encourage our young people to consider becoming a priest or religious brother or sister. Pray that more young people may have the courage to answer God’s call. Let them know that God Himself can fulfill, more than anything or anyone here on earth can, the deepest desires and longings of the human heart!