Faith Formation

Dedicated to building a strong core of faith for devout Catholics in our Faith Community.

Faith Formation is the bedrock of what it means to be Catholic.

How We Serve Our Community


Religious education classes are Christ-centered and are designed to enliven the personal faith of students and their families.  Classroom materials engage children in Scripture, making the words of Jesus come alive in their studies and in their everyday lives.

This program is initiated and overseen by the Director of Religious Education.  Classes for students in preschool through eighth grade are taught by volunteer catechists from the SLFC who are passionate about sharing their faith with children. Training, materials and resources for catechists are provided by the Religious Education Office.


The purpose of OCIA is to form adults and children as disciples of Christ by providing instruction in the beliefs and practices of the Catholic faith and guidance in developing a Christ-centered life as they prepare for the sacraments of Initiation.

Those involved in this ministry may also guide already baptized adults and youth who are interested in becoming members of the Catholic Church.  Those who participate in leading OCIA should be trained and knowledgeable about the doctrines of the Church and what its membership implies.

Youth Ministry

This is a relational ministry that provides students from 6th  – 12th grade with fellowship, catechesis, and service opportunities.  Youth Ministry is held on Sunday nights in the Knights of Columbus room.  Throughout the year special events are planned through Archdiocese. Adults can also participate by providing prayer, assisting at meetings, transportation/chaperone, food, or other services.

Vacation Bible School

Vacation Bible School is held once a year in the summer for children ages pre-K through 5th grade. Ways to get involved: teaching, arts and crafts, food and decorating prior to VBS.  This is a great way to share Jesus with the children of our community.

Ways to Get Involved

Simple Suppers 

These simple meals of soup and bread are a means of building community and faith sharing during Lent.  Small groups meet in homes, share a meal, and then discuss the booklet provided. Sign-ups take place the month before Lent.

Rohr Chats

A Sunday morning group that meets at 9:45am in the Boardroom, which is down the hall from the chapel.  This drop-in group discusses the previous week’s Daily Meditations by Richard Rohr, OFM, which can be found at

Small Christian Faith Groups

There are a few groups that meet monthly “Women Called to Holiness” group meets the first Friday morning of each month from 10:00am until noon in the homes of members.  This group discusses one chapter per month of a book the members choose.

Genesis Groups

Various small groups meet in the homes of members at the time best suited for the individual group’s schedule. A variety of inspirational texts and media materials are used to guide the discussions.

Women’s Retreat

Each year this committee plans the Fall Retreat.  This annual event is advertised in the bulletin with instructions for sign-up.

To get involved with any of these ministries, contact Donna Leddy.