Pastoral Care

In this ministry we care for the sick through support and sacraments. We’ll be here for you in your time of need.

How We Serve Our Community


This committee, with the support of many community members, organizes and executes receptions for the families of deceased members of the Faith Community following the funeral service. Coordinators are needed to organize food for receptions after funerals.

They will have assistance from the Pastoral Administrator in physical setup. People are needed to donate and/or prepare food, as necessary, for our funeral receptions. The type and location of the reception will be determined by space availability and the wishes of the surviving family members.


Prayer Chain is a relatively new ministry and needs members. All it takes is to commit to frequent prayer, willingness to set aside time each day to thank God for His great love, mercy, and compassion; for His many gifts; Pray for our needs, the needs of others, and for any special intentions requested by the church and or the members of the parish.

Ways to Get Involved

Visitation & Ministry to the Sick

Upon request, members of the committee will visit community members who are confined to their homes or in care facilities and offer prayers, the Eucharist, and companionship to those in need.

Helping Hands

With the help of many community members, we provide meals to those who are confined to their homes due to illness or other difficulties.

Bereavement Liturgy

The committee guides the family of the deceased in the planning and preparation of a loved one’s funeral service in accordance with the liturgical guidelines of the Catholic Church.

Genesis Groups

The ministry gathers in the sanctuary as needed following Sunday Mass for the purpose of
offering group prayers and healing for those community members who are suffering physical,
emotional and/or spiritual ills and who request the comfort and support of the Faith Community.

To get involved with any of these ministries, contact Donna Leddy.